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15k Pressure Unit 104


15K Pressure Unit 104

  • 2015 Peterbilt tri-drive with 600 HP Cummins & automatic 7-speed Alison automatic Pumper unit Model # 367HH Dark Green with sleeper converted to control room.
  • Serial # 1NPTX41FD283429 recent CVIP
  • The Pressure Truck is equipped with a powerful 600 Hp MSI triple pump Model # TIH-600-SX-3-L13-001 Serial # B350902. This pump is rated at 15000 Psi and features 3in X 6in plungers, 3in mission pump, and 3in steal gear bowie pump, ensuring high-performance operations.
  • Rate from 20 liters to 900 liters per minute.
  • Pump has liter counter and totalizer.
  • 10 M3 Hamms tank with 2 compartments 8m3 and 2m3 serial # 425NM06MF1329360
  • Tank comes with titan tank level gages with display and recent tank inspection.
  • 3 Gear osmi drop box
  • 2 Speed spicer transmission
  • comes with a Mobil data tech unit
  • All controls, fittings, hoses, genset, and microwave were installed in the control room. A cell phone booster and road-channel two-way radio were also installed. The truck comes with all-new tires.
  • New transmission
  • 4 new batteries